Fluimucil - General Information:

The N-acetyl derivative of cysteine. It is used as a mucolytic agent to reduce the viscosity of mucous secretions. It has also been shown to have antiviral effects in patients with HIV due to inhibition of viral stimulation by reactive oxygen intermediates. [PubChem]


    Fluimucil has been shown to reduce the extent of liver injury following acetaminophen overdose. It is most effective when given early, with benefit seen principally in patients treated within 8-10 hours of the overdose. Fluimucil likely protects the liver by maintaining or restoring the glutathione levels, or by acting as an alternate substrate for conjugation with, and thus detoxification of, the reactive metabolite.

    Other Brand Names containing Acetylcysteine:

    ACC; Mucomyst; Acetadote; Fluimucil; Parvolex; Lysox; Mucolysin;

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