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Fungistop is a synthetic over-the-counter anti-fungal agent. It may come as a cream, powder, spray, or liquid aerosol, and is used to treat jock itch, athlete's foot and ringworm. It is sold under several brand names, most notably Tinactin (Schering-Plough Corporation) and Odor Eaters (Combe Incorporated). Other brands are Absorbine, Aftate, Desenex, Genaspor, NP 27, and Ting.


Fungistop is a synthetic over-the-counter anti-fungal agent.

Additional information about Fungistop

Fungistop Indication: Fungistop topical is used to treat skin infections such as athlete's foot, jock itch, and ringworm infections. Fungistop is also used, along with other antifungals, to treat infections of the nails, scalp, palms, and soles of the feet. The powder and powder aerosol may be used to prevent athlete's foot.
Mechanism Of Action: Topical - Fungicidal; exact mechanism unknown; however, it has been reported to distort the hyphae and to stunt mycelial growth in susceptible organisms.
Drug Interactions: Not Available
Food Interactions: Not Available
Generic Name: Tolnaftate
Synonyms: Not Available
Drug Category: Antifungal Agents
Drug Type: Small Molecule; Approved
Other Brand Names containing Tolnaftate: 2-Naphthyl N-methyl-N-(3-tolyl)thionocarbamate; Aftate; Aftate for athlete's foot aerosol spray liquid; Aftate for athlete's foot aerosol spray powder; Aftate for athlete's foot gel; Aftate for athlete's foot sprinkle powder; Aftate for jock itch aerosol spray powder; Aftate for jock itch gel; Aftate for jock itch sprinkle powder; Carbanilic acid, N,M-dimethylthio-, O-2-naphthyl ester; Carbanilic acid, M,N-dimethylthio-, O-2-naphthyl ester; Chinofungin; Dr. Scholl's athlete's foot spray; Dermoxin; Dungistop; Focusan; Fungistop; Genaspore cream; Hi-alarzin; Hi-alazin; NP-27 Cream; NP-27 Powder; NP-27 Solution; NP-27 Spray Powder; Naphthiomate T; Naphthiomate-t; O-2-Naphthyl N,N-dimethylthiocarbanilate; O-2-Naphthyl M,N-dimethylthiocarbanilate; Phytoderm; Pitrex; Pitrex cream; Prestwick_472; Separin; Separin (TN); Sorgoa; Sporiline; Timoped; Tinactin; Tinactin (TN); Tinactin aerosol liquid; Tinactin aerosol powder; Tinactin antifungal deodorant powder aerosol; Tinactin cream; Tinactin jock itch aerosol powder; Tinactin jock itch cream; Tinactin jock itch spray powder; Tinactin plus aerosol powder; Tinactin plus powder; Tinactin powder; Tinactin solution; Tinaderm; Tinavet; Tinavet (veterinary); Ting antifungal cream; Ting antifungal powder; Ting antifungal spray liquid; Ting antifungal spray powder; Ting products; Tniaderm; Tolnaftate (JP14/USP); Tolnaftate (JP15/USP); Tolnaftate [usan:ban:inn:jan]; Tolnaftate(USAN); Tolnaftato [DCIT]; Tolnaftato [inn-spanish]; Tolnaftatum [inn-latin]; Tolnaphthate; Tolsanil; Tonoftal; Tritin; Zeasorb-AF; Zeasorb-AF powder; M,N-Dimethylthiocarbanilic acid O-2-naphthyl ester; o-(2-Naphthyl) methyl(3-methylphenyl)thiocarbamate;
Absorption: Not Available
Toxicity (Overdose): Oral rat LD50: 891 mg/kg. Inhalation rat LC50: > 900 mg/m3/1hr. Irritation: skin rabbit: 500 mg/24H mild. Eye rabbit: 100 mg severe. Investigated a mutagen and reproductive effector.
Protein Binding: Not Available
Biotransformation: Not Available
Half Life: Not Available
Dosage Forms of Fungistop: Liquid Topical
Gel Topical
Aerosol Topical
Spray Topical
Cream Topical
Powder Topical
Swab Topical
Chemical IUPAC Name: O-naphthalen-2-yl [methyl-(3-methylphenyl)amino]methanethioate
Chemical Formula: C19H17NOS
Tolnaftate on Wikipedia:
Organisms Affected: Yeast and other fungi

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EWG - Skin Deep Cosmetics Database - Environmental Working Group - TOLNAFTATE
Health concerns of ingredient. Cancer no information. Developmental & reproductive toxicity no information. Allergies & immunotoxicity no information. About the ratings.
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