Orthoclone OKT3 (Ortho Biotech) - General Information:

Murine monoclonal antibody specific to CD3 T-cell lymphocyte antigens. More specifically it is a purified murine (mouse) monoclonal antibody, directed against the CD3 (T3) receptor on the surface of human T-cells (T-lymphocytes) cultured using the murine ascites method. Orthoclone OKT3 (Ortho Biotech) is 93% monomeric immune globulin G type 2a (IgG2a).

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Orthoclone OKT3 (Ortho Biotech) - Pharmacology:

Used in organ transplant prophylaxis, Orthoclone OKT3 (Ortho Biotech) or OKT-3 binds specifically to the CD-3 complex, which is involved in antigen recognition and cell stimulation, on the surface of T lymphocytes. Immediately after administration CD-3-positive T lymphocytes are abruptly removed from circulation. It has been effective in reversing corticosteroid-resistant acute rejection in renal, liver, and cardiac transplant recipients.

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