Vontrol - General Information:

Vontrol is an antiemetic agent used in the treatment of vomiting and vertigo. Vontrol overdose may result in serious toxicity in children.

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Vontrol - Pharmacology:

Vontrol is used for control of nausea and vomiting. It has an antivertigo effect on the vestibular apparatus, inhibiting the chemoreceptor trigger zone to control nausea and vomiting, thus preventing motion sickness.

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Vontrol Interactions

CNS depression–producing medications - concurrent use may potentiate the effects of either these medications or diphenidol; anticholinergics or other medications with anticholinergic activity - anticholinergic effects may be potentiated when these medications are used concurrently with diphenidol; apomorphine - prior ingestion of diphenidol may decrease the emetic response to apomorphine in the treatment of poisoning.

Vontrol Contraindications

Anuria - renal shutdown may increase risk of systemic accumulation of diphenidol.

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