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FNS is an evolving process with medical and consumer applications. FNS optimizes human functioning in the clarity, energy, ease, movement accuracy, cognitive, and emotional domains. Rather than teaching skills to people, it optimizes the capacities of the person to function, learn, and to use the skills already learned. 

FNS has increased the functioning ability of patients with central nervous system problems, based on observations made since 1990 of over 80 psychotherapists, physicians, and scientists around the country and overseas. Controlled studies are in progress or are to be conducted over the next few years. 

Brain Injury study accepted for publication by Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation - click here

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The information at this web site is presented for historic, educational, and informational purposes only. Nothing herein is intended to be instruction for clinical use. This information does not necessarily represent the current state of the art of applying the Flexyx Neurotherapy System (FNS), which can only come from extended training programs.

Any representation that other systems linking EEG and stimulation are the same as FNS is a misrepresentation. There are no other "Len Ochs-" or "Flexyx-type" protocols. Nor is any other system linking EEG and stimulation authorized or licensed by Flexyx, LLC or Len Ochs, individually.

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