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What EDS Will Not Do

1. EDS will not make life pretty or make other people wonderful, warm, generous, or fair. Life retains its difficulties on the outside. It will make your reactions to life easier to bear and give you more inner freedom from struggling to control yourself.

2. It will not change people's moral and ethical outlook: it will make them more of who they really are, and make it easier for them to be themselves.

3. It will not, by itself, make people wiser: it will, however, open them up to the wisdom they have already taken in, and to the wisdom they find around them, or with which they surround themselves.

4. It will not make long-used defenses go away easily. This is a disruptive treatment, as is any change agent from yoga to moving a household. It will, however, help produce a lasting freedom from the recurrences of the old defenses.

People often will feel very confused as old defenses crumble, and before their brains are able to naturally formulate new and more flexible ways to process and respond to new information and experiences.

Some people who have been trying not to be angry will find themselves becoming angry ­p; as they really are. However, their anger will finally pass once they let themselves feel what there is to feel.

5. EDS will not magically make people easy to work with if they are very complex, difficult, and reactive. People who feel they have a lot "wrong" with them, and who say they have lifelong difficulties, can be successfully worked with, and left very sturdy. However working with these people in the most complex of instances is a delicate task, and may require a long course of treatment (approximately a year).

It may take three sessions to evaluate our estimated treatment time for you. Please feel free to ask us about the treatment times we anticipate for you.